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DOnt mind this

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General Rules:

Oh, look, the guidelines to L-I-M-B-O! Please, read them carefully and thoroughly if you may be thinking about joining this lovely lil' group.


  • Now, if this group were to be rated I would say it'd be PG-13 or so. Let's try to keep it that way.

  • Swearing is definitely allowed, but I would refrain from overdoing it. That is, unless your character is a sailor mouth, then go on ahead!

  • Gore and violence is allowed. Yep, from paper-cuts to homicides, it's allowed.

  • Sexual themes are more to the 'no-no' zone. As in, please keep it to a minimum. If you want to have a creepy, smutty role play, so be it. So long as you do it alone with your partner. In other words, please keep it out of the RP chat.

  • Any sexuality is allowed. We don't discriminate. 

  • It is highly encouraged that you are above the age of 10

  • Please, PLEASE use proper grammar and know how to spell. If you can't spell, at least use auto-correct. We have technology.


  • Please keep any out of character drama out of this group. In fact, I would suggest not even starting it. If you do begin to start drama for the sole reason of starting drama, then you'll be kicked promptly. No mercy.

  • Absolutely no disrespect of admins or any other members for that matter. If we catch you harassing someone via chat, comments, etc. It will be inevitable that you'll be kicked from the group. As a group, we would rather you welcome people with as much hospitality and tolerance as you would like yourself.

*NOTE* If someone is bothering you in any way, notify the admins and we'll handle it. 

  • If you have the wild delusion that you're too good for things then I would suggest not even bothering to join. We discourage elitist behavior. 

  • If you have the wild delusion that others are 'elitist' constantly, and that you're 'so much better' and should rebel. I would also suggest that you don't even bother to join. We also discourage hypocritical arrogance. As, that can cause drama.


This roleplay group does not follow a linear 'main plot', rather many different plots that are character based. However, that does not mean that you can simply roleplay as 'crazily' as you want. We do have standards.

Posts should only be written in a narrative format, not in chatplay/asterisk roleplay format. It's highly suggested that you also write in 3rd person perspective.
An example of "chatplay" would be:
Character: I LOVE! *he TURTS around* :Y
An example of (3rd person) narrative roleplay would be:

The character turned around, "I love." he murmured. 

Now, concerning the length of these posts, we'll be a bit more lenient. Now, you can always write up the occasional one liner, but it's preferred that it's at least two lines long. This simply keeps things going, as well as interesting. Paragraphs are wonderful.

Also, disregarding the length of the post, your posts should also be thoughtful. Try to give more information, rather than just blatantly stating actions. Try to show us how a character is feeling, thinking, etcetera. It certainly helps to spice things up a bit and help express your character better.

Roleplay crimes:

Ah, what might "roleplay crimes" be? Well, to put it simply, things you should probably never do when roleplaying. I've compiled a list of them.

Meta-gaming basically means that your character knows something before others may have known it. Whether it be reading thoughts, or just knowing where certain people are, it's excruciatingly bothersome and to be avoided. 

God-modding is when a character has the ability to do basically anything without consent of others, or boundaries. This one should definitely be avoided at all costs. 

Excessively writing your character out-of-character writing:
 Now, this one is more understandable, considering that characters are dynamic and constantly changing. However, if you strictly state that your character is always "ANGRY" and always play said "ANGRY" character as if they're always happy, then you should probably revise a few things.
Also, refrain from making your character act OOC for the sake of "the ship" (a relationship). Yes, people may actually act a bit 'off' if they have a crush on a certain someone, but that doesn't necessarily mean their entire personality changes. If you have a detailed reason for why they may act extremely differently, then we may let it slide, but otherwise than that please don't do this.

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